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    GrandCare Systems add to quality of life and better communication!

    • The GrandCare Trillium system has a variety of sensors and clinically reliable wellness devices that collect and store health and statistical awareness data for diagnostic purposes and to ensure “peace of mind” to those who care and want you around.

    • These sensors are mostly wireless and are used:

      • for detecting excessive, and lack of motion, in and out of bed presence, hi and low room temperatures, doors opening and closing, drawer, medicine cabinet, and pill box opening and closing, wireless blood pressure readings, wireless finger tip oximeter, glucometer, wireless weight scale, wireless pushbutton neck pendant, and an large assortment of fixed pushbuttons adaptable to walls, tables, and wheelchairs.

    • GrandCare system sensors gather and automatically upload and store the data they compile. This data is viewable by family members and caregivers securely anytime, via most internet enabled devices. There are multiple levels of permission that can be granted to the users to ensure they see only the information they need to see. You can change these permission limits at any time.

    • o The data gathered by the system can also be set to generate automatic alerts if something is out of the ordinary. These alerts are set by the rules you create. Rules and alerts can be adjusted as needs change to adapt to the appropriate care level.

      • Click here to learn about the powerful rules and alerts.

    • Users can be reminded by phone calls, a GrandCare TV message, light flashing or chimes/bells when it’s time to take medications or to perform specified exercise or activity.

    • Family’s can add a layer of added protection to either GrandCare system with our UL listed alarm and/or security system with 24/7 central station monitoring, personal emergency response system (PERS), and/or fall detection systems, and even extended range temperature for items like stoves that may have been left on or bathing temperature too hot.

Grand Care System

The Motion Operations keeps a record of the daily motion of your loved one. Motion is viewable by each room and time of day.

Grand Care System

The temperature of each room in the home or facility can be monitored and even integrated to be controlled if desired.

Grand Care System

All the wireless wellness devices are recorded and charted automatically. Glucose graphing, interpolate BP and interpolate weight are also graph options. An added benefit is that this data is printable for a paper record or trip to the doctor. Additionally wellness devices can be taken away from the home or travel and when they return, the data is automatically uploaded to the Trillium and the secure web access site.

Grand Care System

The interactive Trillium touch screen makes it easy for your loved to record and monitor how they are feeling today, as well as yesterday, and how they expect to feel tomorrow.

Grand Care System

GrandCare will protect your loved one by recording all calls that come in. The rules you create will send notifications of calls that may be unknown, possibly dangerous, or fraudulent. Click here to learn about the powerful rules and alerts.

Monitor Screen Shot

A healthy proactive care partnership has now been created. Increasing the quality of care for your loved one. Digital care notes are entered and accessible via the secure web portal for family members, caregivers, doctors and opinionates.

Monitor Screen Shot

When there are multiple care givers. Your care team will collaborate better with daily electronic records. Even more so, family members can share the responsibilities (groceries, medication pickup, events, etc.) much easier with centralized lists, allowing the professionals hired to focus entirely on the work they are paid for.

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