stacey's Testimonials

As Baby Boomers emerge onto the scene, we will be forced to look to other alternatives to meet in home care needs of the aging population. Being a part of the caregiver business we have seen a significant decrease in the number of caregivers and an increase in the number of persons needing care. Our mission is to keep people in their homes; therefore, we have made a turn towards technology which has produced amazing results. These are only a few of the many statements that we have heard from our clients, families, and health care professionals:

“It gives me peace of mind to know that someone will know if I fall getting out of bed and I like seeing those little red lights flashing, they are comforting.”

“I love getting messages and pictures from my family in Egypt.”

“Knowing this system is in place I will know if and when mom is up wandering around the house and if dad’s pacemaker needs to be checked.”

“I like that I keep up with my patients remotely and monitor their daily wellness or receive notices if their blood pressure is too high or they have lost too much weight.”

Even though technology is not for everyone and does not replace the human touch and interaction, it has proven to give peace of mind to families and clients by keeping them connected through ADLs, physical wellness, cognitive wellness, and social wellness from near or far on a daily basis.


Stacey M. Pierce

The Oaks Home Services

The Oaks Peace of Mind Alternatives

South Carolina